Through different projects, we assist women and girls to enjoy their right to control and benefit from resources, assets, income, and their own time, as well as the ability to manage risk and improve their economic status and well being.


Support girls and women in crisis.

Millions of girls are subjected to abuse, child marriage, child labor, sex trafficking, and other offences. We equip skilled local staff to offer training, education, counselling, medical care, helping to end cycles of gender-based violence.

Mentor girls.

A growing poverty rate, poor-performing schools, and teen violence make it tough to be a girl growing up in Uganda and other parts of the world. We establish mentorship through workshops, encouraging big sister / mother / Auntie talk, and promoting life stories.

Promote products and services.

We identify female entrepreneurs who have a challenge of accessing the market for their products and services. With different approaches, we link them to potential buyers and also assist them with service and product advertising.

Help a new mom.

The first weeks of a newborn’s life are the most most critical. We help save young lives in Uganda by giving a new mother the essential things like diapers, formula feeding and bath items, baby clothes, and baby bedding.

Education and sensitisation.


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