Theme ONE: Culture

Through the Global cultural revival campaign, Generation bridge (GB) employees and volunteers commit to Collecting, preserving, and disseminating cultural data on social practices, genealogies, expressive forms, and technologies from all cultures worldwide. Culture data is preserved through video and printed material, and it is disseminated through seminars, giving free videos to schools and community leaders, social media platforms and online archives.

THEME TWO: Non-formal education

Generation Bridge (GB) offers various structured learning situations such as community based sports programs, adult education courses for acquiring skills such as farming, poultry keeping, and bakery, professional conferences and continuing professional development. The non- formal education provides functional literacy and continuing education for adults and youths who have not had the advantage of formal education.

THEME THREE: Disability

Generation Bridge (GB) provides individuals with disabilities with employment through job coaching, employee matching, adult family care, in home support, Health and fitness activities, Annual picnics. The activities’ ultimate purpose is to increase self-sufficiency and help individuals develop vocational interests, work habits, and stamina for eventual transition into employment.

THEME FOUR: Women and girls

Generation Bridge (GB) engages women and girls in activities and programs that boost their confidence, through holding seminars, women make decisions among their household’s income, protect themselves against tradition and culture that kept them in poverty and discrimination.

Programs such as business startup income, finding market for their goods and services, holding finance management workshops to teach the women budgeting, saving and investing, out sourcing professional services and holding seminars for professional counsel, have empowered women.

THEME FIVE: Discouraging Anti-social behavior

With our “Don’t do it” campaigns, Generation Bridge (GB) discourages youths from drug abuse, taking alcohol, prostitution, and violence through seminars where the former addicts, doctors and counselors speak to them with the aim of creating awareness of the effect of antisocial behavior. Generation bridge also offers medical and counseling assistance to the individuals on drugs, alcohol, and prostitution.


Under our youth empowerment program, we encourage children and young people to take charge of their lives. We address their situation and then take action in order to improve their access to resources and transform their consciousness through their beliefs, values, and attitudes. We engage the youths in pro-social meaningful, and community-enhancing activities that the youth themselves define and control, to help them gain vital skills, responsibilities, and confidence necessary for them to become productive and healthy adults.

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