Generation Bridge (GB) Uganda is an equal opportunity employer with a team. Generation Bridge (GB) is always on the search for the best talent to join our passionate workforce with a diverse array of opportunities for professionals in areas of community development, talent management, NGO management and related fields of service.

Look out for future opportunities on this page or send us an your CV through email by clicking the link below

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Generation Bridge (GB) Uganda wishes to advise the public

  • Generation Bridge (GB) Uganda does not outsource its recruitment process to any organization or agency which, through website postings, mass e-mail messages, newsletters or otherwise claims to be doing recruitment on its behalf.

  • Advertisements for vacant positions can only be found on our Generation Bridge (GB) Uganda website.

  • Generation Bridge (GB) Uganda does not solicit money for any part of its recruitment processes including short-listing, interviews, and background check-ups.

  • Generation Bridge (GB) Uganda will not be responsible for such fraudulent correspondence or any loss of money or theft which may result from anyone engaging in any fraudulent recruitment activity.

  • Please be cautious, and if you have any questions or would like to report what you believe to be a fraudulent Generation Bridge (GB) Uganda recruitment person(s) or agency, please send us an email by clicking on this Link


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