Fighting drug And Alcohol Addiction

DID YOU KNOW??? Alcohol and drug use increases the risks of unsafe sex, such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV and unwanted pregnancies. Roughly 24 percent of individuals with HIV are in need of substance abuse treatment. Drugs and alcohol abuse increase your libido hence posturing you to having sex, which sex in most cases... Continue Reading →


ONGOING PROJECTPROJECT NAME: ADULLAM CRIPPLED SUPPORTIVEPROJECT ORGANISERS: DEVELOP YOUTH NETWORK (U)PROJECT PARTNERS: GENERATION BRIDGE (GB)PROJECT GOAL: To support Cripples to access a natural walk resulting to participation. PROJECT RATIONALE:Having Adullam crippled supportive project will address lack of accommodation and also bring about services as follows: Promoting Talents Providing walking accessories Providing companionship Providing financial lessons... Continue Reading →


It starts by standing with the poor, sensitizing, encouraging, educating and making the voices of the vulnerable heard, and recognising potential where others see despair. It flourishes at bridging the divide between the analog and digital generations, ensuring that culture is conserved and preserved, youths, women and girls are empowered, the vulnerable are protected, heard... Continue Reading →

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