Dear our esteemed partners and potential partners, we hereby bring you images and video from the  8th and 9th December 2018 two days’ event,  that launched the Adullam crippled supportive project. Thank you all for your support.


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The ADULLAM CRIPPLED SUPPORTIVE PROJECT is organised by  Develop Youth Network (U) in partnership with Generation Bridge (GB), in Mukono District. The goal is to support the cripple to access a natural walk, and the rationale is to address lack of accommodation and to bring about services such as providing walking accessories, improved Health care status, business skills, and promoted talent. On the 8th and 9th December, in Namayiba, Mukono District, there was a two days’ event to launch the Adullam Crippled supportive project. Your contribution to this cause is highly appreciated.

Among other contributions, Generation Bridge (GB) gave out 100 Christmas packages  that included; sugar, rice, soap, and a Christmas Card, to people with disabilities. We distributed 100 re-usable pads to girls between the age of 13 years and 18 years living in remote areas, to help them acquire the required level of hygiene during menstruation period.  We distributed 1000 bottles of clean water, argued the community to take clean water for health purpose and educated them on how to have the rain, well, and borehole water safe for drinking. We also gave out Christmas gifts to children.

We highly appreciate everyone who supported us as we put a smile on many faces in the remote areas of Mukono District. We request you to stand with us in 2019 /2020, as we run a national campaign against Alcoholism, Drug and Substance abuse, let us join in and say “NO” to the vice that has proved destructive to the youth, threatening their destiny.  We can not sit back and watch a generation get destroyed before our eyes. You, me, and everyone else can do something to save a youth from drug and/or alcohol addiction, and sensitise many youth as a preventive measure to taking alcohol, drugs and substances.



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