Generation Bridge (GB) is a non-profit organization located at Jomayi Estate Nalumunye, Kampala, Uganda. Founded in 2017 and was initiated out of acts of generosity to the less privileged where by the founders gave food and clothing to those who lacked during festive seasons.

Our obligation is to sensitize, encourage, educate, and make the voices of the vulnerable heard, ensuring that women, girls, youth and people with disabilities are empowered, and that anti-social behaviour such as drug, alcohol and substance abuse is discouraged in communities.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: To empower women, girls, youth and people with disabilities, and to campaign against antisocial behaviour.

Vision: Generation Bridge (GB) is committed to bridging the generation gap in form of equality and ensuring a decent standard of living for all.

Our Objectives:

  • To address the challenge of illiteracy through skills and knowledge development activities.

  • To discourage antisocial behaviour through “Don’t do it” campaigns.

  • To empower women, girls, youth and people with disabilities through cultivating their confidence..



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